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Our expertise spans all things that make an organization tick: its products, events, people and customers. Our clients come to us with their business problems and questions that have strategic, long-term implications for their business.

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors and makes you memorable to your customers. The insights gained inform branding decisions, marketing campaigns, and overall brand strategy to ensure your relevance and success.

  • Brand & Reputation Tracking
  • Brand Equity & Value Assessment
  • Brand Positioning & Strategy
  • Message Testing

To formulate well-informed strategies that drive growth, competitive advantage, and overall success, you must start with market research. The goal is to help you understand your market landscape, target audience, competition, and industry trends. The market intelligence gained will drive the development of effective strategies that guide your company’s decisions and actions in the market. 

  • Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Market Sizing & Analysis
  • Needs-Based Market Segmentation
  • Persona Creation
  • Thought Leadership

Businesses benefit when products and services are specifically developed to meet the needs of customers. Product marketing methodologies tailored to each stage of the product lifecycle ensure that product managers and corporate marketers have the insights needed to inform go-to-market efforts.

  • Concept Ideation and Testing
  • Product Configuration
  • Product Extension
  • Product Optimization

In order to maximize profits and satisfy customers, companies must set the right price point, balance cost, customer willingness to pay, and competitive pressures. It also involves structuring the ideal combination of products or services within a brand’s offering, ensuring each element complements the others and drives overall market success. 

  • Brand-Price Tradeoffs
  • Monadic Designs (A/B Testing)
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Price Thresholds and Sensitivity

A relentless focus on customer (and partner) experiences is the key to loyalty and retention. Customer experience research is about gathering critical information about customers’ (or partners’) experiences with your company’s products, services, and interactions. Results can be used to identify areas where the customer experience is lacking and to develop strategies for improvement.

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer & Partner Experience
  • Event Measurement
  • Satisfaction & Brand Loyalty Measurement
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