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The objectives

A Fortune 100 hardware and software provider was highly invested in the success of its partners and had an initiative to drive its partner satisfaction score to 4.5. The company had many touchpoints with their partner audience and different methods for capturing the partner perspective, but without a consistent and holistic approach, they were concerned they were not capturing the full depth and voice of all partners. As a result, the company was looking to develop a research program that aligned the measurement approaches, provided insight into all the relevant audiences and gave them the tools to drive partner satisfaction.

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our approach

A significant amount of design time was spent across 18 working sessions with 18 client teams responsible for the different partner programs. These working sessions yielded surprising results, wherein the original model and its attributes were less important, or less actionable to these teams, than the new measures they were requesting.

Illuminas was able to synthesize the feedback into a tight and comprehensive online survey that would work for 95% of the partners who would take it. This allowed us to minimize the number of skip patterns, significantly reduce the complexity of the survey, and keep it within our goal of 10 minutes.

Each quarter, we collect between 2,000 and 3,000 partner interviews across 13 languages.

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the outcome

  • The results from the quarterly tracking study are driving huge changes in our client’s partner programs and feeding insights into the messaging used at events and throughout their marketing efforts.
  • Over the course of nearly 4 years, more than half of the target outcomes have increased significantly, which senior leadership attributes to the insights coming from the Partner research program.
  • The survey results have enabled our client to take more than 130 specific actions to enhance the partner experience.

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