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The objectives

A leading regional telecommunications company offering voice, video, and internet service wanted to grow its market share for their broadband internet offering in its footprint. To this end, they needed to better understand the drivers of brand choice, and ultimately, how to overcome inertia and persuade non-customers to switch providers.

A key consideration was that the competitive set was different in each of the key territories within the footprint they operated, so it was critical to quantify performance relative to competing/available providers and deliver insights tailored to the unique competitive environment in each territory.
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our approach

Illuminas conducted a survey among 500 of their internet broadband customers and 600 customers of competing broadband providers within three key territories.

The survey utilized Illuminas’s proprietary MaxShare™ methodology which determines the share of mind consumers would give a provider absent market barriers and identifies top drivers of that share of mind. These drivers provide a priority list of unique service features to focus on in communications and product improvements that are proven to increase acquisition. In addition, we utilized our MaxMindset™ solution, to provide user language and deeper insight to guide the development of more compelling advertising messages to overcome inertia and switching barriers.

The MaxShare™ approach is built on the tenet that market penetration and share of wallet gravitate to the brands that are considered the “best.” Based on the relative “best” status of each available provider in the territory, Illuminas computed a MaxShare™ score for each brand, which is an allocation of equity within the market and proven to be a strong predictor of future market share. Using this as a basis, we were able to identify core differentiating attributes that drive choice of provider, opportunities for the client to further build the brand, and vulnerabilities or areas a competitor could potentially leverage to capture market share.

To ensure the insights could immediately be put into action, the client needed to not only know what differentiating attributes it should reinforce, but also how to do so. To accomplish this we utilized our MaxMindset™ methodology, which is built on the established theory of consumer decision-making that has been proven to predict the motivating power of ads. Using our proprietary quantitative survey methodology and analysis system we identified the dominant value propositions that drive behavior. These value propositions or “ladders,” revealed how differentiating brand attributes link to deeper motives, including functional benefits (reason the attribute matters), emotional benefits, and personal values. Marketing communications have been proven to be more successful in driving behavior when these linkages are clearly portrayed in advertising.

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the outcome

Using the insights from MaxShare™ the client was able to take into account the varying perceptions and competitive options available in its core territories, and therefore could design the best strategy for capturing market share in each territory. MaxMindset™ supercharged their strategy by allowing them to understand brand strengths as elements that unlock deeper needs that drive purchasing. The client’s advertising and messaging strategy had been focused on the lower level functional benefits, without linking them to higher-order needs and values. MaxMindset™ showed them the complete value chain, which their creative team was able to start using immediately to refine their messaging. By highlighting the linkages along the value chain in future advertising, the client was able to create compelling messages to overcome inertia and drive behavior.

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