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The objectives

A multinational infrastructure software company needed strategic insights to help determine their corporate branding strategy for newly acquired companies. They had recently acquired multiple companies in the span of 12 months, and they needed to decide if it would be advantageous for the parent brand name to be affixed to each individual company. Or conversely, if they should leave the brand names the same in an effort to establish individual identities among their unique target markets.

Specific objectives included:

  • To determine the brand health of the parent brand vs. its sub-brands
  • To measure awareness of the recent acquisition
  • To determine the impact the acquisition had on the likelihood to recommend the sub-brand
case study research

our approach

We recommended a quantitative online survey that included a battery of questions similar to a brand tracking study, that would help us determine which brand (parent brand vs. sub-brand) had stronger brand health. The survey also included questions that asked respondents to evaluate the impact the acquisition would have on their brand associations with the parent vs. sub-brands, and how different naming conventions would impact their likelihood to recommend each sub-brand.

  • 200 completed responses in the US, UK and Australia
  • The online survey was approximately 15 minutes in length
  • Respondents were sourced from online panels
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the outcome

  • Through the research, our client determined that they needed to restructure their corporate strategy for any current and future company acquisitions
  • The results gave our client a more holistic understanding of the strengths and weakness of its parent brand relative to each of the companies it recently acquired
  • They also had a deeper understanding of the profile of each of their newly acquired target markets

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