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The objectives

A professional Association wanted to measure awareness of their offerings and assess their value proposition among office and administrative professionals in the U.S.  The effort was designed to understand the motivations and needs of non-members that could be addressed by the organization, measure awareness and interest in joining the organization, and create a marketing and communications plan that would most effectively reach this group and grow membership. 

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our approach

A two-phase research project was conducted which included 10 in-depth interviews with administrative professionals followed by a survey of 200 current and 200 non-members in the profession. The research was used by our marketing consultant as input to the development of a marketing strategy, including a marketing plan and messaging matrix, to provide the Association with a strategic marketing roadmap for attracting and engaging non-members with the Association. 

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the outcome

To increase appeal to new members, the Association found it needed to consider additional skills training in leadership and opportunities to share their expertise, as well as project, people and financial management. The effort also identified a need to work on advocacy to elevate the role of the profession, provide professional credibility and communicate the value of administrative professionals to employers. By putting these results into action, this helped professionals further their careers by giving them the skills and connections they needed to excel in their positions and ready themselves for future advancement.

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