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The objectives

An Association client in the building and design industry understood the need for versatile and adaptable learning opportunities for their Continuing Education System (CES). As such, the research was designed to gain a better understanding of its members’ needs and how these differ by various learning segments. To facilitate this understanding, Illuminas sought to identify priority content areas to offer, assess preferred technology-based learning formats, determine expectations from in-person learning, and identify marketing channels to raise awareness and promote the Association’s CES.

case study research

our approach

Illuminas worked collaboratively with key stakeholders in the Association to develop a quantitative survey targeted to both licensed architects and associate members. The survey was conducted online and collected more than 1,600 member interviews. Results were used to develop an attitudinal segmentation of members based on their attitudes towards learning. This segmentation allowed us to identify the types of learners and their prevalence in the membership and guide future design of the program given “visionary” learners’ needs. 

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the outcome

Findings from the survey allowed the Association and its content developers to determine key learning segments among their members and tailor their offerings to each specific segment’s learning preferences, thus increasing CES participation and optimizing learning opportunities for all members. In addition, results were used to determine top barriers to CES participation, such as busy schedules and a rapidly changing knowledge base within the industry and develop a more flexible curriculum that incorporated both technology and in-person learning, to overcome these barriers.

Attitudinal Segmentation Research

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