Illuminas Welcomes VP of Client Services, Monika Rogers!

Illuminas, a leading insights consultancy that caters to the B2B and consumer technology markets worldwide, is pleased to announce the addition of a new member to its senior leadership team – VP of Client Services, Monika Rogers. 

Monika has 20+ years of market research and strategic consulting experience. Prior to joining Illuminas, Monika was the co-founder and CEO of Digsite, a technology company focused on agile research. She was also the Chief Brand Strategist for Fountainhead Brand Consulting, Inc. where she helped leading brands deliver topline growth through global marketing and product innovation.

As a VP of Client Services at Illuminas, Monika will leverage her experience in the research technology industry to drive new product development and automation throughout the Client Services organization. She will also oversee the design and execution of custom research studies and help drive the business forward with her proven ability to translate ideas into successful research best practices.

“Building a tech company got me hooked on solving the unique challenges facing the industry,” said Monika. “I am absolutely thrilled to join the Illuminas team and have the opportunity to work with the world’s leading technology brands.”

“We couldn’t be happier to bring Monika on board to round out our senior leadership team,” said Jay Shutter, Principal and CEO. “Her experience as the co-founder and CEO of a technology company that specializes in research will prove to be an invaluable asset to Illuminas. I am excited to work alongside Monika and watch as her tech experience and research acumen cascade throughout our growing organization.”   


About Illuminas:

Illuminas is a full-service research consultancy in Austin, Texas that delivers strategic market intelligence across B2B and consumer markets worldwide. The company is focused specifically on the technology industry and any other industry that intersects with technology. The largest technology-driven companies in the world are able to make more informed business decisions because Illuminas generates the insights they need to drive action. 

Media Contact:
Tracey Fisher
VP of Sales & Marketing, Illuminas