Illuminas is a full-service research consultancy that delivers strategic market intelligence across B2B and consumer markets worldwide. We are focused specifically on the technology industry and any other industry that intersects with technology. The largest technology companies in the world are able to make more informed business decisions because we generate the insights they need to drive action.

Our mission

To answer the hard questions for the biggest technology brands so that they can change the world.


Our Core Values


  • To our people
  • To our clients
  • To our business
  • To our industry


  • Have fun
  • Believe in yourself
  • Believe in your team
  • Believe in the business
  • Bring energy and excitement to everything you do


  • Think big
  • Be curious
  • Take risks
  • Be innovative
  • Challenge the status quo


  • Always do the right thing
  • Produce the highest quality results
  • Exceed expectations
  • Know how (and when) to say No
  • Stay focused and organized

our leadership team


Jay Shutter

Principal & CEO

As Principal and CEO of Illuminas, Jay has more than 20 years of experience developing new research products and services that address the evolving technology industry. He is a recognized thought leader in research in the technology industry, and he has a long history of analyzing the impact of technology on businesses, consumers and the economy. Given his extensive knowledge of the technology industry, Jay is our lead moderator and more often than not, can be found in the American Airlines Admirals Club on his way to his next focus group adventure.

Carrie Angiolet

Principal & President

As Principal and President of Illuminas, Carrie oversees all aspects of the organization and is primarily responsible for driving growth and building a high quality partner ecosystem. With over 20 years of experience in client services, Carrie leverages her research acumen to create innovative solutions for the world’s most successful technology brands. She also ensures that the work produced by our Client Services team meets the high standards of our company and our clients. When she’s not running the company, Carrie is usually running around Austin’s beautiful Town Lake.


Andrew Elder

Principal & Chief Research Officer

Andy is a Principal and Chief Research Officer at Illuminas, where he is the primary methodological consultant on research design, sampling, statistical analysis, and the interpretation of research results. He is recognized as a marketing sciences expert among international research professionals and has designed and implemented advanced research projects that serve the world’s most renowned companies. Andy is a Trekkie at heart and dreams that one day he’ll be able to attend Starfleet Academy.

Adam Jennings


As CFO/COO at Illuminas, Adam leads all financial, accounting, office operations, and interdepartmental communication/integration. With over 15 years of experience in finance and operations, Adam utilizes his diverse experiences to creatively solve problems and help scale the business for future growth. He also helps remove barriers to assure day-to-day operations run smoothly. When he is not helping drive the company forward, Adam coaches a variety of sports for his three kids.


Stacey Eacott

SVP of Talent & Development

As an SVP at Illuminas, Stacey is responsible for developing the strategy and leading the execution of organizational effectiveness. This includes creating talent and culture management programs aimed at advancing the company’s mission and enhancing business results. She is primarily responsible for driving key initiatives in areas such as talent acquisition, performance management, employee coaching, training, and the onboarding of new employees. Stacey is one of the most tenured members of the Illuminas team and is our resident expert on all things Operations.

Ari Kapur

VP of Research

As the newest member of the leadership team, Ari brings more than two decades of international market research experience. He also brings a unique perspective after having spent most of his career on client-side research in the technology, telecommunications, and internet sectors. As part of the Client Services team, Ari will consult on the execution of research studies from design through reporting and will serve as one of the lead moderators for qualitative studies. As a die-hard LEGO fan, Ari will also be available to discuss how best to tackle any advanced models such as the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery or the Millennium Falcon.


Lisa Evans

VP of Client Services

As a VP at Illuminas, Lisa consults on the design and execution of qualitative and quantitative research ranging from in-depth qualitative interviews to brand tracking studies to menu-based conjoint designs. She has a knack for multi-tasking and managing more projects than you can imagine, all while forging relationships with her clients that last a lifetime. Lisa is a native New Yorker and a Leo, and she is our resident expert when it comes to having strong opinions and not being afraid to express them—which is an asset to have in any leadership role.


Ashlyn Modlin

VP of Client Services

As a VP at Illuminas, Ashlyn consults on the design and execution of qualitative and quantitative research across a variety of technology categories. She has a proclivity for the more complex methodologies but understands when there is a need for a more simplified approach. Her strength lies in her ability to empathize with clients and the junior staff, which makes her a true advocate and mentor overall. Ashlyn is often seen wearing her USC Trojans gear during football season to the chagrin of our office’s Texas Longhorn fans.

Caroline Pendry

VP of Client Services

As a VP at Illuminas, Caroline oversees the design and execution of research studies across a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Her strength lies in her ability to take abstract concepts and make them tangible – from driving thought leadership initiatives that turn into insightful infographics and whitepapers, to designing complex research programs from a collection of notes from 30 different stakeholders. She also has a unique talent for making complex data sets digestible through the use of data visualizations.


Tracey Fisher

VP of Marketing

As VP of Marketing at Illuminas, Tracey is responsible for driving the marketing strategies and efforts used to strengthen the company’s market position and achieve its desired business goals. Having spent 11 years at Illuminas on the Client Services team, Tracey has a wealth of knowledge about our company and our approach to research that seamlessly carries over to all of our marketing efforts. She is also the head of our Social Committee and is in charge of boosting employee morale and motivation.

Our Industry Awards